Resta Company

 Resta company is one of the most famous operators on the Ukrainian catering market. In the portfolio of the company there are such successful outlets as famous restaurant Steakhouse. Meat and Wine in  Odessa, chain of Pan-Pizza cafes, gastronomic  very home-like restaurant Dacha, friendly Compot cafes and italian restaurant Tavernetta.

All these projects are very different. They are designed for different customers and offer absolutely different cuisine. However they are united with two important characteristics: professionalism and focus on the continuous improvement.

There is a long way for any company before to be opened. Prior to Resta company had been opened we dreamed about the opening of the restaurants of such level of professionalism which had never existed in Ukraine.


Future restaurant company was registered for the first time under the name "Drive-in". Its first project - selling pizza to the car - becomes the first ring of the alarm clock for the sleeping catering market of Odessa.

Step by step

The launch of the first Pan-Pizza cafe. The first cafe is always the most challenging one. New technologies are tested here and customers' preferences of are showing up. The cafe becomes a spring-board for the creating of future restaurant chain.

The first conceptual restaurant of the company was launched - Steakhouse restaurant. There are old mills and little primus stoves on the shelves, tea is served in glass-holders made out of German silver and of course steaks served in the cast-iron frying pans. The public success. Lack of the area becomes the serious issue for the restaurant - it should be enlarged three times. It was placed in the top ten of Ukrainian restaurants by the European restaurant guides.

"Storm" of Prague. The launch of Cafe La Veranda - gastronomic restaurant with capital letter R. The food from the famous chef Radek David is a visiting card of the restaurant. Guests are Czech elite and well-off tourists. As a proof of all said above Michelin guide includes Cafe La Veranda to the number of the most famous Prague restaurants.

"Takeover" of the Ukrainian capital. The launch of four Pan-Pizza outlets at once in Kyiv.

Repositioning of Steakhouse restaurant to the Steakhouse. Meat and Wine restaurant. Restaurant becomes one of the most stylish and most attended restaurants of Ukraine.

Starting of the Pan-Pizza franchising development. Opening of cafes in Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk.

The old mansion on the Frantsuzskiy boulevard in Odessa turns into Dacha restaurant. The environment of the restaurant - straight quotations from the life of soviet people living in summer time at their dachas decorated in French tradition. The food conforms to the atmosphere completely. Slight nostalgia for the past makes this restaurant incredibly home-like and cozy for people who know the word "dacha".

Total number of Pan-Pizza outlets reaches 18 units.

Drive-in company is transformed to the Resta restaurant company.

One more hall on 30 landing places have been added to a premise of restaurant Steakhouse. Meat and Wine. Especially for true judges of faults we have opened WineRoom. The key moments of decoration are warm terracotta and wooden shades, soft light, a show-window of matte glass, Italian armchairs and leather sofas.

First restaurant Compot was opened in Odessa at Pantelejmonovskaya st., 70 It is a place with it's own history, habitable and clear, natural and close to each "Soviet" person. The details are dear to heart - thick glasses, clothespins, a map of the USSR and even bottles of Russian vodka - everything has found it's place in a cosy interior and is harmoniously entered to the general picture. Here we prepare and submit favorite meals with which many of us have grown.

Restaurant company Resta launches a new project - a culinary school "Meat&Wine" based in the restaurant Steakhouse. Meat and Wine.

In 2009, cooking school "Meat & Wine" opened new faculties. Direction "Meat & Wine" since 2009 is held in the restaurant Steakhouse. Meat and Wine, Faculty "Odessika" dedicated an extensive and delicious, and has long been forgotten Odessa cuisine, as well as children's cooking school "Milk & Cheese" divided to the restaurant Dacha. In the same year a re-branding of the restaurant "Dacha" and a network of pizzerias Pan Pizza, clarified the main focus and positioning projects. In the cafe "Compot" in Deribasovskoy opened a «window» with fresh bread, croissants, pastries, cakes, pastries and coffee "carried out".

Odessa office of the international non-profit eco-gastronomic public organization of Slow Food and Resta restaurant company, conducted a fair of local products and delicious food in the best traditions of Odessa. Good, clean, honest — these are the foods that are represented at the fair. This gastronomic event will help to revive the tradition of consumption of local food, support local producers, brought together by their customer.

This year was marked by the opening of a provincial Italian restaurant Tavernetta and the appearance of a third cafe Compot at the Odessa Sea Port.

Two more Compot cafes were opened. One more remarkable event of 2013 was opening of Meat Raw sandwich bar