Resta Contract

Are you tired to manage? Engage us! 

You are already have your own restaurant. It works and give you a profit, but you fill a strong deficit of time or forces to rule over it. Perhapse you have inherited this restaurant and you do not have much experience and maybe you just want to have a rest? In this case you can entrust us with management of your restaurant to the specialists of corporation Resta.

We are carry out the initial estimation of your restaurant (as business), then we link up our efforts at the necessary administrative stages. The only one condition - in the case of contractual management corporation Resta does not deposit their basic funds.

Your interest
The economy of time and forces without loss of profit (with the guaranteed standard of profit). The disclosure of the missed profit (theft of the stuff, wrong organization of work etc.). This sentence should be opened in full or to delete it at all. One-sided interpretation, it says about nonprofessionalism .

Our interest
Using our worked through system of purchase management, manufacture, accounting system etc, we are receive the additional profit from the strictly regulated work of these systems and the economy on the general expenses.

We are also bear responsibility for the development of the restaurant or its rebranding. In the given case our interest is estimated individually.

If you have sany questions concerning contractual management do not hesitate to contact