Resta Franchising

Buy profitable business!
You are already successful businessman and owner of appropriate premises. You have already for example your own shop or filling station, but you want to expand your business and receive additional income. You know that catering is stable and profitable business, but you have no experience or knowledge. Than you can buy franchising of the Pan-Pizza trade mark.

Your interest:
using of the reputation of well-known trade mark, tested technologies of production and management, minimization of the expenses for marketing and advertising.

Our profit:initial fee and periodical payments of slight royalty.

What is our mutual profit?

Because of using franchising system the rights owner expands the chain of enterprises which work under its trade mark. Opening new business with us, user in his turn invests certainly less money comparing with his own enterprise (without using trade mark and technologies), he gets opportunity to use unique and tested by time methods of making business. All mentioned above gives an opportunity to receive stable income during continuous and successful development of the rights owner and user.

Our competitive advantages:
Practically feasible format, Quick&Casual, that unites the best aspects of fast-food and restaurant.
Conception that is intended for customers of middle class
Reputation of the famous trade mark
High profitability of the business
Reduced prices for raw materials and equipment
Opportunity of the stable development by means of further acquisition of new franchise units (opening of the new restaurants)
Possibility to share the expenses for the advertising and marketing.

Detailed information about franchising "Pan-Pizza" TM

If you have concrete question, please, contact Olga Podbelceva.