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29.12.2008 Corporation «Resta» team wishes you Verry Christmas and New Year!

17.12.2008 The first competition of cooks corporation «Resta»

10.12.2008 What do you need for Christmas?

12.11.2008 You can shirk lecture in Kompot!

10.11.2008 Dishes from oven at «Dacha.

24.10.2008 Holiday of Toscana cuisine at the restaurant «Steakhouse. Meat and Wine»

05.10.2008 Noodles in «Dacha»

12.09.2008 Do you like pelmini? Look for them in "Kompot"!

09.09.2008 The annual ceremony "Choose the best" of the magazine "Afisha Odessi 2008&a

14.07.2008 Restaurant «Steakhouse. Meat and wine» has celebrated its tenth birthday

07.05.2008 Full stuffing at “Dacha”!


18.04.2008 Do you love cutlets? Search for them in "Compote"!

03.03.2008 About milk-fed lambs. Products of the Czech farmers

27.02.2008 The young spring

11.02.2008 Gulchitai at Datcha