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22.12.2009 Сompote at Deribasovskаyaand «Steakhouse. Meat and Wine» will work in New Year night

03.12.2009 New year holidays at Dacha restaurant

19.11.2009 Do you want holidays for soul? Noodles dishes at Dacha

19.10.2009 Festa di Cucina Toscana 2009

24.09.2009 Do you like dumplings? Look for them in "Kompot"!

18.09.2009 Jazz in Dacha

15.09.2009 New lessons in the children's cooking school «Milk & Cheese»

28.08.2009 Сrayfishes at Dacha

13.08.2009 Michail Shirvindt and Karl Frierson in Odessa restaurants

07.08.2009 Michail Shirvindt at Dacha

17.07.2009 Olga Frantsuzova «Dacha plein air»

03.07.2009 Do you like cherries? Look for them in Kompot!

24.06.2009 Dasha Malakhova in Odessa restaurants

18.06.2009 Resta talents

17.06.2009 Klezmer music in Dacha garden

09.06.2009 Festival of Klezmer music at Dacha

04.06.2009 TThe first lesson of the new semester and the firshe first lesson of «Milk&Cheese» fac

18.05.2009 New semester in Meat&Wine school

29.04.2009 Alla Pugacheva visited Odessa and restaurant Dacha

24.04.2009 May holidays with Pan-Pizza

23.04.2009 Do you like cutlets? Look for them in Kompot!

17.04.2009 The second competition of cooks and chefs of «Resta» corporation

15.04.2009 «Windows» at Deribasovskaya

27.03.2009 tt

20.03.2009 New director in restaurant «Steakhouse. Meat & Wine»

04.03.2009 Spring in restaurant «Steakhouse.Meat and Wine»

13.02.2009 Do you like pancake? Look for them in Kompot!

09.02.2009 Waiters and pizzaiolo contest in Pan Pizza

27.01.2009 Konstantin Raikin in restaurants Dacha and Steahhouse. Meat and Wine

12.01.2009 New lessons in «Meat&Wine» school